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The Prayer Faith & Healing Ministry

(A Compassionate Ministry)

       From the very moment God gave me the vision for this Ministry, it was immediately perceived in my heart. I then had to seek Him in fervent Prayer for direction on what type of Ministry He wanted it to become, and to ask him to provide me a road map to follow. God told me that He wanted it to become a Ministry of Compassion & Reconciliation that reaches out to those who are hurting, the downtrodden, the brokenhearted, and those who have no sense-of-direction in their lives.

       We know that it is “not” God’s will that His people go through life HURTING. It is the will of God to bring restoration and healing to people’s lives in seemingly hopeless situations.

       We strongly emphasize to our clients, the importance of Prayer and Faith. Once our clients learn the importance of how both Prayer and Faith work together, they can then pray to God for their healing.

       Nonetheless, before any Sessions with clients are rendered, we have already gone to God in prayer for them to receive their Super-Natural Healing. We also inform all clients that it is going take your faith in Him to receive your HEALING. It’s like anything else in life, you have to believe!

       Through this Ministry, many lives have been Restored, Healed and Drawn back to God. And those precious souls are now living Super-Naturally Healed. We give total Praise to God.

       As an outcome of their healings, God inspired me to write a book entitled “Living Super Naturally Healed,” by Min. Delores(Lois) Brown. My book has testimonials as to how these clients received their healings from this Ministry. Living Super Naturally Healed is available in the Nashville Downtown Library in the Nashville Room.

       We at the Prayer Faith and Healing Ministry truly thank God for the opportunity to expand this Ministry and use a planned biblical path of Healing Scriptures, that will allow Gods people to receive their healings and Restoration.

       Thanks for supplying us the means to be effective in this Ministry whereas You can be glorified.

-Min. Lois Brown

(615) 589-1412

PO Box 140444 Nashville, TN 37214


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To My Clients,
I owe a debt of love and gratitude to those who God allowed to come through this Ministry, to seek their “Healing.”
Now, may your lives continue to reflect God’s Super-Natural Healing and Restoration. It is God’s will that “Brokenness Can Be Made Whole Again.” Now, that you have been made whole again, you can live that predestined life that He has so lovingly planned for you. (Jer. 29:11).

– Min. Delores(Lois) Brown